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About Us

Thang Long Accurate Mechanical Company Limited
is an enterprise has prestige and experience so many years. The company’ trade mark is affirmed in field of telecommunication in domestic market as well as in foreign market.
With staff of aggressive enthusiastic employees up 300 people (especially the team of skilled workers accounted for two thirds of total employees of company) combined with the constant improvement chain technology, modern machinery... The company has developed more powerful, satisfy all requirements of customers on nationwide.
Products of our company in nearly 15 exported to foreign market sush as: Angola, Haiti, Arabic, Burundi, Peru, Cameroon, Mozambique and many other European contries.
We are committed to bring excellent products and outstanding services to all our customers and to the market. With the ability to understand the needs of our customers, devotion and guideline of delivering what is above their expectations, we have always gained a reputable name and trust in the manufacturing, trading of mechanical. Goods of our company are designed scientifically and perfectly to meet all of demands.
The key to our success has been our customer - oriented approach, creating proper and sustainable values. The company' mission is to become a pioneer in manufacturing and trading of mechanical and to deliver products that exceed all expectations. Looking ahead, our primary objecttives include expanding our bussiness, which will make our company one of the leading manufactures and trading of mechanical in Viet Nam.
We are prepared to meet the ever - changing environment and needs of our customers. Our commitment to serve our customers better and in a more effcient manner.

Scope of activities

- Processing and design of Antena column types, construction and installation of high column to 100m.
- Galvanized and hot - dip.
- Manufacturing bolts, Ma-ni, Turnbuckle, cable lock types.
- Production of steel cable lock Φ10, Φ12.
- Processing mechanical by method automatically G7.
- Production, printing, engraving logo with advanced technology on the metallic material background.


In nearly 15 years activities. Thang Long Accurate Mechanical Company Limited is proud Vietnamese leading company in the fields of manufacturing, trading, services and all public areas. Company has been party, the state and many prestigious organizations domestic and foreign certification and awarded merit certifications and noble.

- Achieve the title of Vietnam Golden Enterprise in 2008.
- Golden Cup excellent products in 2008 (microwave antenna product column)
- Golden Cup excellent products in 2008 (2nd times products: Tumbuckle, Ma-ni, Cable lock).
- Achieve Vietnam Golden Enterpreneur in 2008.
- Achieve Medal for the cause of nation building (02 times).
- Achieve many awards certificates of merit. Paperthe merit of Hanoi city and Tuliem district awarded.
- Achieve product excellence Golden Cup in 2010 (Steel cable lock producrs
Φ10, Φ12).

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